Opening a home store for Roux™ Decor has been 12 years in the making. 

From humble beginnings in the back of Allendale plantation to eccentric displays of diversity and inclusion within Fortune 500 companies we have grown patiently, waiting for our next move.

French Quarter Market™, in Walker, will be a destination for store buyers of Roux, a showroom and office, and offer other retail gift shoppers a small (500 sq. ft.) piece of our "lil' something different." We'll mark our goods higher than our other retailers so that we're not competing with our wholesale customers. And importantly, we'll stay committed to our core passion of cultural promotion as we build our presence, here, regionally and beyond. Several collections that have left Roux permanently will be sold exclusively at FQM.

"French Quarter" is also the home base of www.fleur-de-lis.com, our charity concept, visit the site for more information. 

We'd have never expected to be able to promote Louisiana and the Gulf South like we're able to now. We've been able to cover immense categories of design that have now reached the hands of over 3 million Americans. We hope to see you.

Find something you love at FQM.